How can counselling Help?

Many of us reach times in our lives when problems prove difficult to sort out alone. Life can throw many things at us that produce such a huge shock to our sense of peace and security that we struggle to get over or come to terms with them. You may be dealing with a particular loss, crisis or life transition, struggling to cope with relationship difficulties, or experiencing general feelings of perhaps unhappiness, discontent or confusion.

Counselling offers an opportunity for you to explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe, confidential setting, with someone who is trained neither to judge nor advise. The overall aim of counselling is to provide an opportunity for you to work towards living in a way you find more satisfying and resourceful. The objectives of each particular counselling relationships will vary according to each individual’s needs.

What kind of issues can counselling help with?

Counselling may be concerned with developmental issues, addressing and resolving specific problems, making decisions, coping with crisis, developing personal insight and knowledge, working through feelings of inner conflict or improving relationships with others.

There are many different reasons why people decide to see a counsellor. Some are feeling depressed, anxious, or dissatisfied with life. For others, they may be struggling with difficulties in relationships or stuck in unhelpful patterns. A lot of people come because they know they feel sad and empty inside, others because of guilt and low self-esteem. Essentially people seek counselling for a wide variety of reasons but mostly because they feel stuck, unsatisfied or lost in their lives.